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“When you educate one person you can change a life, when you educate many you can change the world”- Shai Reshef


Chitrakoota Montessori pre-school education at Hampinagar  practises evolved methods of learning. These make use of all the senses of a child as a continuous process of natural growth. The methods are essentially self- corrective.

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A very popular misunderstanding that needs to be cleared here is that Montessori is not Kindergarten (KG). They are two separate things.

KG is conducted from the teacher’s point of view whereas Montessori is from the child’s outlook and view.

The Montessori style of education is practiced in Chitrakoota Montessori for children of 2 to 6 years of age with a connected curriculum.
Chitrakoota has embraced the Montessori way of education and hence appreciates the inherent potential of each child. The Montessori method says that a child should have the freedom to learn without any external compulsion. This helps a child develop cognitive and collaborative skills.

Dr. Maria Montessori looked at education with scientific inquiry. She professed that education should prepare a child to practically face life, and for a lifetime.

Dr. Montessori broke the conventional school approach. She brought about an entirely fresh outlook. She revamped the entire system of education. She stressed the factors of individuality, right amount of freedom, carefulness and deep regard for a child. She firmly believed and backed her approach with conviction. She advocated that a child ought to be allowed to learn at his or her own pace. She proclaimed that the ability of children to remember and retain depended on the stress-free joy and happiness they experienced while learning.

Although a child is accustomed to the secure idea of home, confidence-enhancing sessions are conducted at Chitrakoota Montessori. The child therefore, learns to face practical challenges head on. These sessions help children to build an innovative bent of mind. It helps them transcend limitations and construct their own foundation. They develop the right orientation and ability to reason. Their talent gets refined enough for them to carry the mantle of tomorrow’s bright citizens.


Chitrakoota has instituted the Montessori method in its schooling and has accordingly created a contextual environment as follows:

The Montessorian way of educating, places the teacher as an associate and team-mate, leaving a lot of scope for the child to form ideas and make choices on any given activity. The ward gets a hang of and understands the practicality of each activity. The interactions with the child throughout are based on Orderliness, Authenticity, and Minimalistic approach.

There is ample physical space for children to engage in activities and move around freely.

The objects that the child handles are designed in a way that helps the child to learn and evolve. Every nook and corner is kept safe and designed child-friendly , with anti-skid floors, handlebars and ergonomic washrooms.

Analytical methods allow children to develop skills that activate muscle memory, hearing sense, cognitive and digital faculties.

There are quarterly sessions where children of different age groups interact with each other.

The atmosphere provided at classrooms in Montessori is in an open comfortable space. It allows a child to feel free. At the same time it is designed to instill a sort of relaxed orderliness. A balance is brought about between structure and order. The activities are pre-designed in such a way as to make children easily understand the continuity in their academic learning through all standards.

The course in the curriculum is created to engage the child in different kinds of activities.

Children find great joy and have a whale of a time every day when dropped at Chitrakoota. They wilfully engage in the world of playing and learning.


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Chitrakoota Is Not Merely A School; It Is An Educational Vision. It’s Not The Number Of Students, But The Quality Of Education That Builds A Better Nation.

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