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‘Chitrakoota Montessori campus is built with fixtures of ‘state-of-the-art’.’


A Montessori class is not a classroom but an environment by itself. The ambience is unique as children irrespective of age (3 to 6) bond together without discrimination. They mingle and engage in many activities with mutual respect and love.

Chitrakoota Montessori is planned and designed to cater to the needs of children aged 3 to 6 years. Every facility is finely carved out to suit those ages, Be it the railing along the staircase or the wash basin; everything is made considering children.

Chinnara Chilipili is the happily and eagerly enacted event by each class of the Montessori, with innocent, tottering minors performing various entertaining activities such as singing, story narration, skits, fancy dress,

Children can have an amazing time splashing in knee-deep, safe and friendly pools at Chitrakoota Montessori. All this under the ever-watchful eyes of our vigilant teachers. Safety standards are strictly implemented.

Chitrakoota’s auditorium facility is a well-designed structure for children to perform and showcase their talent. The state-of-the-art acoustics in the auditorium is enthralling. The stage is set here for every child to revel. Such a favourable setting leaves no room for developing any kind of stage fear in children.

Children ought to feel and experience the elements of nature outdoors. It improves their cognitive and physical functioning. The beautiful play area at Chitrakoota has a sand pit. Kids can experience creative joy while playing in it.


‘Safety is not a Slogan. It is a Way of Life.’

‘It is an endeavour of uncompromising necessity that every constituent of Chitrakoota has ingrained and internalized the quotidian process of conducting all activities conducted in the school, and otherwise too, with Safety.’

The following precautions in place at Chitrakoota are testimony to the fact that Safety comes before everything else:

Clean and purified water is a certain provision, as students avail RO purified water.

The floors that run through all corridors are not slippery, as anti-skid material is laid down all over to ensure children’s safety.

The safety and security of every child is taken care of at Chitrakoota, with the whole campus coming under the purview of CCTV surveillance.

The spread of diseases is averted on the Chitrakoota campus and students stand protected and secure through measures such as making the whole area mosquito-repellent.

Having a full-fledged Wellness Centre, Chitrakoota handles emergency issues related to health care with a staff of skilled adults equipped with first-aid proficiency.

The stigmatic dreadfulness of physical abuse is prevented and all safety precautions taken, with concerned special training provided to all students and faculty as well.


‘Chitrakoota operates an efficient fleet of buses through several areas to pick and drop students and staff between school and home.’

Seasoned motorists and adept conductors are on board the buses that ferry the students and staff between home and school, taking great care of students as they board or alight the buses. Also, the vehicles that ply are technologically driven, having GPRS function activated in them.

In the normal course, there’s always a teacher too on board the bus vehicles,to oversee safety of the students.

The process of training and orienting the transport staff (drivers, conductors, cleaners, helpers, with their functions is regularly undertaken to keep them ever fit, on the toes for their alloted duties.


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Chitrakoota Is Not Merely A School; It Is An Educational Vision. It’s Not The Number Of Students, But The Quality Of Education That Builds A Better Nation.

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