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‘Education at Chitrakoota is a joyful growing experience of Life.’


‘The co-curricular or extracurricular is what shapes the overall development of children in the real sense. It is as essential and indispensable as the curricular’.

Virtue such as aesthetics has traditionally tended to be accorded a back seat in academic narratives. The race for materialistic achievements has made everyone blind to the fact that in the process, we have encouraged only rote learning and meaningless mugging up from books. To be able to make sense and comprehend the subjects we study in curriculum, it is necessary to have a practical all round engagement with a range of xtracurricular activities. Which is why the inclusion of aesthetics from a very junior level is considered essential in the whole journey of education at Chitrakoota.

Chitrakoota School consciously aspires and implements from the very beginning the infusion of aesthetics into each child through activities that shape and uplift the human spirit, such as Art, Music, Dance, Theatre, Poetry, Debate, Quiz, Sports, Indulging in these elements is really engaging with life, and children picking up these traits in their budding phase, makes them intrinsically creative, and overcome any kind of fear on any stage of life. A total absence of fear makes them free of any kind of inhibition, and the possession of skills such as public speaking or performing, make it easy for them to express themselves articulately, across a range of domains.


Dabbling in colors gives flight to a child's imagination. Children are given proper encouragement to color in books and on Art Walls. Indulgence of play with all colours renders a beautiful rainbow dimension to their creations.


Chitrakoota Montessori literally provides a stage, a platform for children by way of Theatre, Drama and Dance. Equipped with an auditorium, little kids at Chitrakoota get to know the thrill of live performance very early on. The talent in a child is unleashed through dance and drama on a regular basis at Chitrakoota. Accomplished theatre artists, dancers are occasionally invited to the Montessori to motivate the children. Besides, a range of classical and western dance forms can be learnt from our in-house trained choreographers. It is a sheer delight to see our little ones as nimble footed dancers, actors, emoting and expressing uninhibitedly on stage.


Chitrakoota perceives the sound of music to be the sound of inner feelings. The wonderful upshot of music on young minds is that it provokes coordinating instincts in them, proving as it does universally, to soothe nerves in anxiety ridden conditions.


‘Chitrakoota firmly believes ‘Life’ itself to be a celebration, and does not skip any opportunity that bears scope for such observance.’

The child learning in Chitrakoota has no dearth of occasions ever that may offer him or her the chance to go onstage. There is always a flow of events hosted regularly that allow children to shine in the limelight and perform to the gallery of a mammoth audience. onstant exposures as these instill and raise their self-belief and confidence, and help children develop progressively mature into personalities.


Chinnara Chilipili has each Montessori class participate in singing, story narration, skits, fancy dress,


The annual ‘School Day’ extravaganza has dazzling performances by the students through dance, drama, and ‘dhamaka’.


Chitrakoota School organizes Sports day that is participated in by the children enthusiastically, and upholding the main virtue of sportsmanship.


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Chitrakoota Is Not Merely A School; It Is An Educational Vision. It’s Not The Number Of Students, But The Quality Of Education That Builds A Better Nation.

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