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Happy Parents

Happy Parents

According to me CK Montessori is one of the best institutes I have ever seen. My kids have been groomed very well by the teachers of CK. I really appreciate the way they manage communicating with children, handling them, time management and most importantly- sending communications and updates to the parents sending regular, emails, messages and WhatsApp is highly appreciated. Thanks to CK for giving my children a solid foundation.

- Aadhya – Swamy [Father]

CK provides a joyful and creative learning environment where the children preserve their uniqueness even as they are empowered to grow at their own pace. Many thought provoking events throughout the year and the importance given to theatre contributes to the overall growth of the child. We feel very good when the child comes out of the school brimming with eagerness to share new concepts learnt in school. CK provides a platform where various talents hidden in children are explored. Some of the best things about CK are events like "chinnara chiliipili", “School Day” and other events. Dedicated teachers, staff and management and the care taken to inform parents regarding the things happening in the school via whatsapp, , CK app email and personal communication is highly commendable.

- Mahesh parent of Chinmayi

Like many parents, I also enrolled him in "pre-Mont" thinking that that after a year of Montessori Method, I will shift him to the traditional way of schooling. But after observing the way my son was learning concepts I understood how strong the foundation is in this method of teaching. Later, I never thought of shifting him to any other so called "big reputed” schools because CK’s vision about their students is as clear as is evident in the kids' activities.

- Ganesh parent of Saanvi

The faculty is passionate about teaching and even small concerns of parents are addressed. Even the supporting staff is extremely courteous and they make the child belong in CK.

Yuktha - Anand

The complete passion of the founder and the faculty is the all-round development of the students, which is evident in each and every event that they organize. The environment created here is so child friendly that children love their teacher and school a lot.

Koushik - Lakshmi

CULTURAL ACTIVITIES LIKE SCHOOL DAY, SPORTS DAY ETC. Starting from M1 children are made to participate in cultural programs like dance, song or even sports competitions. My son had participated in dance for School Day, where he danced beautifully. Training such a young child is really worth of appreciation.

Vachana Mother of Dhanya

The work environment is very conducive to work effectively. Right from the top person in the hierarchy, courteousness and concern is a way of life here. The friendly, inviting atmosphere is a pleasure to work in. Chitrakoota is a home of love, learning and development. Anyone who enters the school can hardly remain untouched by the free and joyful atmosphere here which facilitates growth.

Soujanya Mother of Tanvi

As a parent, I feel proud and satisfied that my son is part of such a wonderful school.
Working in Chitrakoota is very challenging but we are constantly motivated to improve ourselves. Subject enrichment really helps us to develop our skills. It is a very disciplined environment where everyone strives hard to achieve success in a supportive way. Everything is organized in a systematic manner.

Shashi - Vedanth


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Chitrakoota Is Not Merely A School; It Is An Educational Vision. It’s Not The Number Of Students, But The Quality Of Education That Builds A Better Nation.

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