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Happy Parents

Happy Parents

After my school days, this was my first opportunity to get into school again for my kid’s admission. I approached many schools before I finalized CK. I liked the approach of the school very much. The system is transparent and informative and the teaching methodology being implemented is advanced. I really loved the discipline and culture exhibited during the school events we attended. I believe the study environment at CK will definitely help my kid to grow in right direction.

LOCATION, INFRASTRUCTURE, TRAFFIC AROUND: Good location and there isn't much traffic around school. Infrastructure is very good and classrooms are arranged well with good ventilation.

WE are fortunate that my daughter is part of Chitrakoota. CK’s primary mission or goal is students. This is a school where students are made to contribute not only to studies but also all other extracurricular activities. This school has been always promoting hidden talents of students, be it theatre, art, or sports. The school is helping students gear up to the challenges of a competitive environment by making them participate in all competitive exams. I am fortunate to have my both kids in CK school which is family more than a school. It has tremendous amount of energy and has a disciplined, systematic functioning method. Teachers and supporting staff are well qualified and supportive to our kids. All the best CK.

CULTURAL ACTIVITIES LIKE SCHOOL DAY, SPORTS DAY ETC. It is important for each child to participate in all the cultural activities of the school. Chitrakoota believes that each child is unique and all have some hidden talent in them and these need to be explored. Hence, no matter what, each child takes part and with enthusiasm.

Well located area. Just near the main road and easily located. The traffic is quite smooth and free flowing. Many buses and other means of convenience easily available. The building is spacious and child-friendly with big classrooms. Other amenities are also well provided.

A quiet location without any traffic hassles; ideal for a school. The school has good infrastructure with ample space for sports, cultural, extra-curricular activities. A conducive ambience is provided by the management to enhance the experience of learning.

Chitrakoota, NDH Campus, is located just off the Nagadevanahalli Main Road, to make it both easily accessible and have the advantage of being located in a peaceful residential area, well out of range of the noise and pollution of traffic.
The building itself has a pleasant facade, while the interior gives a sophisticated, yet homely atmosphere and appearance. Care has been taken to keep everything child–friendly and safety has been prioritized. The classrooms are spacious and airy, with good ventilation, which support the children in being physically and mentally alert and active. The labs are conducive to specialized learning. The well-equipped indoor auditorium adds convenience, comfort and a focused outlet for outpouring of talent.

Education is taken in the true sense of the term, that is, education for life. Education is not just about the textbooks or the curriculum or exams; it is about developing the all-round personality of the child and preparing him/her for the future. And that is the reason why values education, life skills and various co-curricular activities, including sports, are given equal priority as academics. In Chitrakoota – high quality academics as well as an orientation and nurturing towards becoming a better individual. Children has understood the importance of serving the lesser privileged through the community service activities undertaken. The participation in Olympiad exams has enhanced their analytical capabilities, learning has been facilitated and potential nurtured. At Chitrakoota, I see children happy, joyous, free and growing up into well-rounded, mature individuals.


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We at Chitrakoota Kaushalya School strive to ensure that children develop a sense of time - honoured wisdom and awareness, laying a solid foundation for their future success.

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