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“When you educate one person you can change a life, when you educate many you can change the world”- Shai Reshef


The Montessori approach of education is about having settings of a planned ambience for the child, in a class. Here, the thought process of a child is initiated with everything kept attractively neat and in simple order. The significance of each object that the child handles helps the child learn about concepts and contexts.

Montessori pre-school education concentrates on multi-sensory, progressive and self-correcting resources that facilitate good learning advantages. Montessori is by default compared with the Kindergarten School(KG) or rather, there is a tendency to look upon them as the same thing. But they are pivotally different as KG is teacher-centric and Montessori is the realm of the child.
We use the Montessori style of education across all levels, across ages 2 to 6 years with an integrated, sequential connected curriculum.

Chitrakoota has wholeheartedly adopted the Montessarian method and hence it appreciates the individualistic potential a child possesses. We believe this method allows each child the freedom to lead himself to learn, without any external coercion, binding or reprimand.

The first Montessori school, ‘Children’s House’, saw the light of the day on January 6,1907, in the Italian capital, Rome. It was opened by an Italian physician and educator, Dr. Maria Montessori, who was famed for her approach to impart natural education to children. Dr. Maria’s idea of education spread all over the globe and received an overwhelming response . Montessories have proliferated all over the world and her philosophy continues to be relevant even today.

Breaking the conventional approach Dr.Maria brought about an entirely fresh perspective in vogue and thus revamped the entire system of education. She stressed the factors of individuality, just the right amount of freedom, carefulness and deep regard for a child. She firmly believed and backed her approach with conviction. She advocated that a child ought to be allowed to learn at his or her own speed and capacity. She propagated that the ability of children to recall and retain depended on the stress-free joyfulness and happiness they experience during their learning.

In the exalted method of the Montessori way of learning Chitrakoota pre-school in Bengaluru focuses on the pool of factors that go into ideal learning-: multi-sensory (using visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile and gesticulation), progressive and self-rectifying resources.

Irrespective of the secure idea of home a child is accustomed to, sessions giving the child’s confidence a boost are conducted at Chitrakoota School, enabling it to take up practical challenges upfront in the world outside. These methodologies help children build an innovative perspective, transcend limitations and construct their own foundation, develop the right orientation and hone their talent so that they are able to carry the mantle of tomorrow’s leading citizens and winners.

Chitrakoota pre-primary schooling cultivates its students through various projects and initiatives that are grounded on Montessori models and substance. The coming academic year ahead awaits your child at Chitrakoota Kaushalya. Enrol your child now.


Chitrakoota has instituted the Montessori method in its schooling and has accordingly created a contextual environment as follows:

The Montessorian way of educating, places the teacher as an associate and team-mate leaving a lot of scope for the child to form ideas and make choices on any given activity. He/she gets ample scope to explore and understand the practicality of each activity. Children learn to take responsibility and structure their exploration. This independent thinking goes a long way in making them self-reliant, strong individuals who then go on to become exemplary citizens. The structure of the sessions trains them to plan the steps, problem-solve and become better team players. Collaborative activities also enable them to use their strengths for the greater good.

Please feel free to get in touch with our Chitrakoota team for appointments and enrollment.

What sets the Montessori way of teaching apart from the Kindergarten approach to education is that to execute the former method is a complex process which requires specially trained teachers capable of controlling the classroom environment while allowing students complete independence to explore. The Montessorian way propounds a bilateral form of learning without any compulsion of time. Teachers plan well and arrange the learning materials in such a way that it engages the children constructively while simultaneously allowing the teachers to monitor them. The teachers are perfectly aware that there is a very blurred boundary between control and excitement.

Through the Montessorian method every child is individually monitored and provided consistent response. This personal regard for each child keeps him or her bright and positive which does not happen when there is an inclination to concentrate on groups as a whole. Each child’s worksheet helps and allows him or her to practice something they are already familiar with, making them feel very confident in understanding concepts.


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We at Chitrakoota Kaushalya School strive to ensure that children develop a sense of time - honoured wisdom and awareness, laying a solid foundation for their future success.

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