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‘Education at Chitrakoota is a joyful growing experience of Life.’


Chitrakoota School has been, for about a decade and a half now, an ardent campaigner of the classic, globally acclaimed Montessori approach of learning which it practices at its pre-primary level of education.

The students of the post pre-primary years until the Xth standard are served by CBSE, the most extensively availed Central Board of Matriculation across India. Every affiliated School can be said to be a centre of excellence, objectively striking a balance between the existing curriculum and the extra-curricular. It is something every Chitrakootan will be proud of whenever he or she shall look back and reminisce about their formative schooling years.


Owing to its affiliation to CBSE, Chitrakoota students, by default, avail of methodologies like XSEED, which is a proven academic program that has oriented itself with a large number of secondary education boards across the world. It contains an elaborate micro-curriculum, teacher training modules, tools of evaluation and digital learning for children. It enhances analytical skills of students wherein they find problem-solving effortless. . The XSEED generation of wards are increasingly inquisitive, expressive with language and like solving mathematical word problems. XSEED has been adopted by about three thousand schools across India.


TeachNext is the finest digital classroom or learning ecosystem, possessing award winning resources. It is founded on the strong idea that studying, far from being a painstaking act, can be made a rather effective way of learning with students being proactive through the whole process. TeachNext allows each child to find the classroom a fun learning place. TeachNext is an integrated system that makes the complete process of pedagogy and studying uncomplicated and delightful.


Technology and Cinema combine together in ‘School Cinema,’ an innovative, cinema-based teaching module which employs short films and workbooks for children K-XII and forces them to think on life and choices. This equips them with life skills and is the most direct and effective method for using real-life scenarios that will give them insight into choices and consequences.


NIE (Newspaper in Education), an invention of ‘The Times of India,’ is a fresh approach to help children be abreast of all learning while keeping it interesting and fun. It instills the habit of reading newspapers in students. It ushers in fresh ways of thinking, the ability to analyse and respond while transcending the mundane regular school syllabus.


A child’s receptive ability can be assessed effectively and correctly at great speed through the reactions obtained by Voter Technology instituted at Chitrakoota. Evaluation through this digital technique proves to be not only a pleasant affair but also makes the teachers’ life hassle-free and effortless.


The abundance of works by students pinned on a long queue of bulletin boards at Chitrakoota School manifests the regard and esteem attributed to each student and the value assigned to his or her efforts. The works of children being displayed on the boards in this fashion shoots up their confidence immensely and improves feelings of self-worth.


‘The co-curricular or extracurricular is what shapes the overall development of children in the real sense. It is as essential and indispensable as the curricular’.

Virtue such as aesthetics has traditionally tended to be accorded a back seat in academic narratives. The race for materialistic achievements has made everyone blind to the fact that in the process, we have encouraged only rote learning and meaningless mugging up from books. To be able to make sense and comprehend the subjects we study in curriculum, it is necessary to have a practical all round engagement with a range of extracurricular activities. Which is why the inclusion of aesthetics from a very junior level is considered essential in the whole journey of education at Chitrakoota.

Chitrakoota School consciously aspires and implements from the very beginning the infusion of aesthetics into each child through activities that shape and uplift the human spirit, such as Art, Music, Dance, Theatre, Poetry, Debate, Quiz, Sports, Indulging in these elements is really engaging with life, and children picking up these traits in their budding phase, makes them intrinsically creative, and overcome any kind of fear on any stage of life. A total absence of fear makes them free of any kind of inhibition, and the possession of skills such as public speaking or performing, make it easy for them to express themselves articulately, across a range of domains.


Along with skills, creative development too is regarded as equally valuable at Kaushalya. The art space in the Art Room allows children to explore their creativity with freedom. They can passionately pour colours on a canvas. Children also are encouraged to colour in books and on Art Walls without any inhibitions.


There is an aura of joy and celebration that pervades the Dance Room at Kaushalya. Children have the privilege of practising and learning all Indian traditional dance forms. Dancing keeps the body flexible and uplifts moods too.


To experience the real bliss of music, one needs to learn to play some musical and percussion instruments like piano, tabla, etc. They help bring rhythm in your life. Learning an instrument adds an artistic dimension to one's personality. Children shall be encouraged to take up at least one instrument according to their predisposition and ably guided by qualified teachers .


Kaushalya has instituted Indian and Western vocal training and culturing inhouse for children who are inclined to singing. Starting at an early age can lead to many of them taking it up seriously in the long run and turning out to be virtuosos in the future.


‘All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players,’ goes the famous Shakespeare monologue. Kaushalya has the in-built infrastructure for ‘Theatre’ to thrive. Stage plays, dance and drama are very much a part of the creative process that children shall be encouraged to indulge in. We shall also have renowned theatre personalities invited to impart tips on the profound art of expressing on stage.


Another extension of creativity that can be practised at Kaushalya is pottery. Children can literally dirty their hands and soil their clothes by trying their hand at pottery or ceramics, as they call it. It is befittingly conducted on an open terrace, directly under the sky.


‘Chitrakoota firmly believes ‘Life’ itself to be a celebration, and does not skip any opportunity that bears scope for such observance.’

The child learning in Chitrakoota has no dearth of occasions ever that may offer him or her the chance to go onstage. There is always a flow of events hosted regularly that allow children to shine in the limelight and perform to a mammoth audience. Constant exposure like this instils and raises their self-belief and confidence. It teaches them skills to handle anxiety and pressure.


Chinnara Chilipili has each Montessori class participate in singing, story narration, skits, fancy dress,


The annual ‘School Day’ extravaganza has dazzling performances by the students through dance, drama, and ‘dhamaka’.


Chitrakoota School organizes Sports day that is participated in by the children enthusiastically, and upholding the main virtue of sportsmanship.


Exhibits of students on a range of topics from life are displayed in the Exhibitions event.


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We at Chitrakoota Kaushalya School strive to ensure that children develop a sense of time - honoured wisdom and awareness, laying a solid foundation for their future success.

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