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We understand that parent and teacher communication will benefit the child’s overall success. It is important to know that academic success is more than just a grade or a score. It is about ensuring that the child has a complete understanding of the skills and concepts that are being taught in the educational environment. The manner in which we communicate and interact with parents affects the extent and quality of parents’ involvement at home with their children’s learning.

Mr. Chaitanya, Chairman

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Chitrakoota School is an educational institution that envisages to serve as an abode with a thriving environment for both students and teachers to cultivate their inherent individuality and interest. By providing a conducive habitat this school, located in Kengeri, Bengaluru, believes in fostering creative intelligence and invoking scientific temperament. in the process we hope to make children aware of and enhance their social inclinations so as to make them better citizens of the world.

Chitrakoota visualises its wards making the transition from children to visionaries through its range of meaningful social, physical, spiritual and educational activities.Every child at Chitrakoota is given multiple opportunities specifically tailored to suit him/her individual capacity and interests to flower multi-dimensionally.

We, the pillars of Chitrakoota Educational Vision, hereby Take a pledge

To never let our visions down, From now on,
We are detached from the world
We are here to serve our children,
We seek God’s Grace for peace and patience.

By The Staff

In the logo one can see a paint brush which symbolises our vision to brush our children’s childhood and future colourfully. One can also find a colourful butterfly portraying the freedom that every child enjoys at Chitrakoota School – An Educational Vision.

Many events are conducted in the school, which provides an opportunity for both parents and children to showcase their talent and creativity and to express themselves.

Suma parent of Impana


Our School

Chitrakoota Is Not Merely A School; It Is An Educational Vision. It’s Not The Number Of Students, But The Quality Of Education That Builds A Better Nation.

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Chitrakoota School
No. 37/6, Kengeri Ring Road,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560056
Phone: 080 28484660
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