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‘‘I remember my first visit to Chitrakoota. I felt joyful when I watched a teacher spiritedly guide children through an activity. There was another teacher in an attentive conversation with another child. Everything seemed to be happening keeping in mind each child’s comfort and pace. I could see in the class a marked absence of rush by any child to compete with the rest of the class. The children are not compelled to listen to the same lesson plan simultaneously. Hence, there is no question of any grade comparisons as such.’’
– Parent, Chitrakoota School Family
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“I love the dream of Chitrakoota of creating this beautiful heaven for us.”
– Swaroop, 7th Std.

“Walking down the memory lane:- I was fortunate to join Chitrakoota in the year of its inception. Since then I have grown in all dimensions. I feel at home, I feel full of life. I love Chitrakoota.”
– Deeksha Bhaskar, Academic Coordinator


The kind and loving pre-primary teachers at Chitrakoota are qualified Montessorians, naturally inclined to nurturing and transforming the lives of children. They possess the ability to influence the kids as ideal role models. The baton then gets appropriately passed over to the primary and high school teachers who are experts in their respective subject matters and who have an insight into the psychological workings of dynamic, flowering minds.


There is a common instinct observed among parents as they usher their kids into Chitrakoota of keenly following their child’s educational and overall progress. Over a period of time, we develop a common link , a bonding , with parents who are content and satisfied with Chitrakoota’s inclusiveness. This enthusiastic and totally convinced parents’ network actively encourages their friends and family to enrol their children at Chitrakoota, thereby creating a deeper bond. Happily, , all children getting into Chitrakoota tend to be genuine referrals.


We believe a student's psyche is influenced and moulded by his or her teachers. Weconsider students as our assets and visualise them as future leaders. In order to comprehensively impact their educational performance as well as their overall development we engage with them through social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual dimensions .


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Chitrakoota Is Not Merely A School; It Is An Educational Vision. It’s Not The Number Of Students, But The Quality Of Education That Builds A Better Nation.

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Chitrakoota School
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