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Chitrakoota’s work culture is based on the premise of an unwritten, faith-driven, understanding, of mutual trust and self-belief. It is a manifestation of this culture that the air in the Chitrakoota ambience is on any day filled with deep affection and camaraderie.

This silent understanding which manifests as Work Culture in Chitrakoota invigorates its constituents to flourish all around and provokes them to come up with innovative ideas to upscale the existing structures. The Culture encompasses refined attributes such as dignified labour, regard for everyone’s individuality and talent, and the wholehearted welcoming of ‘the freedom to express’.

Sir Chaitanya, the astute but unassuming Chairman of Chitrakoota, has instituted an exclusive, growth-oriented workshop titled, ‘Passion’ which every new entrant to the faculty is privileged to undergo. Aimed largely to upgrade communication skills and get an insight about interpersonal relationships, all staff members by default find themselves regarded as Passion alumni as they engage in this workshop. Every month sees the confluence of alumni in the event of the ‘Alumni Meets’.


In the year 2007, Chitrakoota spread its wings to open up a ‘Montessori Teachers’ Training Institute’. Today the school is proud to have its trained Montessorians all over India and many other nations across the world, educating children in numerous renowned instit

Montessori Teachers Training Institute

At our Montessori Training Centre, we believe that education is not about what a teacher does. It is, in essence, a natural process which enhances one’s innate creativity and perfects spontaneity. Having internalised this concept and adhering to all principles and values laid down by Maria Montessori, Chitrakoota opened its MTTI (MONTESSORI TEACHERS TRAINING INSTITUTE) in 2007.
Today Chitrakoota School is proud to have its trained Montessorians spreading their light pan-India and across the world. Montessorians trained at MTTI are educating children in numerous renowned institutions.


To obtain a valuable Certificate of Diploma, MTTIans need to formally complete the entire course. They ought to clear the prescribed examinations. The Diploma is recognized by all registered Montessori schools.


A select number of MTTI Diploma holders, shortlisted based on merit, will be given the privilege of working as an apprentice at MTTI. Not only will this add to the profile of the candidate in terms of a year of work experience, but it is highly probable that Chitrakoota Montessori School may absorb such deserving apprentices as teachers.


Candidates applying for apprenticeship at the MTTI can be graduates from any stream. The trainees are expected to be well versed in both spoken and written English as the whole course would be conducted in English.

Day-care facility

The integrated policy of Chitrakoota clearly reveals that the School has a day-care facility for children above 3 years of age. This facility is open to children of part-time or full-time apprentice employees at MTTI.


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